Learn any language outside the box


if you finally want to learn any language using the power of Community

You'll hear first-hand when The Language Unschool opens its doors and you'll receive news and tips on language learning.

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After thousands of hours spent in traditional language courses

I created a community in which any language can be learnt using:

A bird's-eye view

a new perspective

Instead of going full-on into the details of each grammar structure, we'll take a step back and do a full body scan of the language. 

A community of like-minded people

look no further

for language practice; and you'll find as many accountability partners as you want.

An individual approach

the 'un' part of 'unschooling'

to make sure the language learning experience is based on your own interests and therefore meaningful to you.

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Hi, I'm Catarina

I've managed to learn 10 languages the traditional way. Now I want to learn Chinese outside the box!

It was the decision of learning Chinese that finally made me take the jump and create a different setting for learning languages.
I've often questioned all the new and traditional methods, but there's nothing like an individual approach.
Who else can create your own textbook?
Where does motivation come from after all?
And let's focus on speaking, shall we? After all, we're in this for communicating with other people.