The Language Unschool Community

If you've spent hours, or even years, learning any language without being able to say much, you're in the right place.

The Language Unschool is a community of people who dare to learn a new language outside the box.

Inside you will find new ways of approaching the process of learning a language.

A group of language unschoolers awaits you. Come and explore old and new interests in a new language!

If you've always wanted to learn a language...

join this online Community
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Same hobby, new language

Get to practice and learn a new language by making use of the expertise you have in a hobby in your own language. The content won't be boring or unfamiliar. It's guaranteed fun!

Monthly challenges

These will help you keep  track of your progress and get you out of your comfort zone.


An accountability partner

Get one, be one. But only if it fits your needs. Learn a language in a more efficient way. That's what the experts say.


A safe space

In the setting of an online private community you will be able to expand the knowledge of your target language(s). A safe space to learn and experiment. 

The language anatomy

Access short videos introducing the language's main characteristics. Then we'll get to the details in short courses. Let's call it zooming in into the language.


The best resources

Share and profit from lists of live resources: Podcasts, films, YouTube channels, blogs.



to help you learn any language outside the box

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