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LISTEN first

Start by training your ears.
Make it sound familiar.


Find things you like to do in Portuguese. 
Use content YOU like.


Look in the mirror.
Face those hurdles and improve your Portuguese.

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Here's what some of the first unschoolers have to say about the + Portuguese Program:

"I am now able to read Portuguese 10 times better than the start of the class, because I understand what I’m looking at. Also, I notice that when I watch videos, I am able to hear what people are saying MUCH BETTER. I don’t understand everything yet, but I get about 75% if I set the video to play at slow speed so my brain has time to translate. Before joining the Program, listening to natives speakers talk was all a blur except for “obrigada” and “sim”!"
Domini Dragoone
"In many ways, the program to me felt like an assortment of meetings in which we explored and interacted with the language and its cultural facets and in the process, internalized the base necessary for being speakers of Portuguese ourselves. [...] I can communicate what I want using simple speech and do not feel like a stranger while speaking the language anymore. "
Prapti Panda
"I think you chose a good mix of content, and it all was presented in an engaging way. It seemed to expose us to relevant features of contemporary Portuguese society, which is also a great way to stimulate further interest in the world beyond the language. You mix it up with poetry, YouTube videos, and other media to spice it up."
John McNertney

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