Some of the amazing Portuguese Unschoolers.

When you learn European Portuguese Outside The Box, you are bound to have

#iupiii | #moments | #every week 

Lots of them!
"Iupiii" ("yipee" in English) is just a silly word.
But it means a lot to a Portuguese unschooler:

a new word learnt in context

a stress-free phone call

hearing words, instead of "noise"

feeling like you belong because you understood a joke

#iupiiis from the Portuguese Unschoolers:

When you listen more to native content:

After a week at The Language Unschool:

70+ and yet...

A spontaneous phone call
Finding her Portuguese voice

A month and a half in:

Laughing, even toothless:

If you tend to do things differently... are tired of not understanding the Portuguese... want to feel at home in Portuguese and in Portugal... AND ARE READY TO START? Then:

What does it feel like to learn Portuguese à la unschooling?

Do you want to have the FREEDOM to converse with anyone about the weather or philosophy?

Will you be my next Portuguese unschooler?