Some of the amazing Portuguese Unschoolers

When you learn European Portuguese Outside The Box, you are bound to have

#iupiii moments every week!

Lots of them!
"Iupiii" ("yipee" in English) is just a silly word.
But it means a lot to a Portuguese unschooler:

a new word learnt in context

a stress-free phone call

hearing words, instead of "noise"

feeling like you belong because you understood a joke

#iupiiis from the Portuguese Unschoolers:

A 30-minute conversation after 3 months since joining TLU

3 phone calls

A 10-minute spontaneous conversation

When you listen more to native content:

Understood a whole movie

Obrigada eu

After a week at The Language Unschool:

70+ and yet...

A spontaneous phone call
Finding her Portuguese voice

A month and a half in:

Recognizing and using real Portuguese

If you tend to do things differently...
are tired of not understanding the Portuguese...
want to feel at home in Portuguese and in Portugal... AND ARE READY TO START?

What does it feel like to learn Portuguese à la unschooling?

Do you want to have the FREEDOM to converse with anyone about the weather or philosophy?

Will you be my next Portuguese unschooler?