European Portuguese Minimal Pairs

avó - avô 
fotógrafo - fotografo 
mudo - mundo

Let's start by making your ears believe European Portuguese is familiar.
Then we tackle the rest.

What's included?

  • 57 minimal pairs with audio, read out loud side by side
  • 71 exercises to train your ears

Listen First

A minimal pair is a pair of words differing only by one sound in the same position in each word. Just like 'bet' and 'bed' in English. 

You wouldn't except the words to be confused in conversation. However, this is about training your ears to distinguish between similar and confusing sounds in a new language, so forget about meaning for a while.

So you can speak later

After training your ears, magic happens and your pronunciation becomes so much better.
That's when you are ready to learn new vocabulary, make your first sentences.
In short, that's when you can start making sense of the language. 

Olá, sou a Catarina

My dad says I only started talking when I was three, which means I spent three years and a few months (in utero) practically just listening.

I continued throughout life with my hyper listening skills and learnt ten more languages*. Some I can speak better than others (one needs time for daily chores too, right?), but the amazing thing is I can understand some Russian and Macedonian, even though I never studied them.
After almost 15 years living abroad, I am now back in Portugal, rediscovering my own language. I'm ready to help YOU find your voice in Portuguese. Shall we?

*before you ask... that's English, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Frisian, German, Mandarin.
Patrick Jones - Course author