How to Start Learning Portuguese

An out of the box free guide full of tips to help you start learning European Portuguese

What's included?

 A brief Anatomy scan of the Portuguese language
 Why, what and how you should Listen first
 What to Read and when
 How to use Writing as a learning tool
 Why you shouldn't neglect Speaking when starting out

Olá, sou a Catarina

My dad says I only started talking when I was three, which means I spent three years and a few months (in utero) practically just listening.

I continued throughout life with my hyper listening skills and learnt ten more languages*. Some I can speak better than others (one needs time for daily chores too, right?), but the amazing thing is I can understand some Russian and Macedonian, even though I never studied them.
After almost 15 years living abroad, I am now back in Portugal, rediscovering my own language. I'm ready to help YOU find your voice in Portuguese. Shall we?

*before you ask... that's English, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Frisian, German, Mandarin.
Patrick Jones - Course author