Unschool your Portuguese

4-Day Challenge

Calling out complete beginners, seasoned beginners and experienced language learners to:
  •   see what's special about European Portuguese

  •   find patterns in native content through reading

  •   understand how the Portuguese speak so you can enjoy listening

  •   see why you should bother writing and how you can start speaking today

A 4-day challenge

Unschool your Portuguese!

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Experience first-hand the power of mastering Portuguese in a natural and organic way.

What our Unschoolers have to say:

It's only been a week or so, but I have seen a noticeable improvement. As the café I overheard a woman correct her order (I didn't actually understand all the words, but I FELT like I understood all the words), so I laughed along with the woman and the barista. I felt part of the group , if that makes sense.

complete beginner
Hey Catarina. I passed the exam [Med School, not Portuguese!!]! I’m not sure the grade but they said I passed. I’m so happy! Thank you so much.
U., Nigeria
seasoned beginner
1. Today have spend 1hr in bank in Lisbon dealing with company account - everthing in Português. There were some funny situations but mission accomplished.
2/ almost one hour in restaurant with two unknown retired Portuguese couple during a lunch - managed to carry conversation. There were funny monents that we have laughed over my Português.
3/ I was asked yesterday 3x how how long I am learning Português
4/ Amazingly, in simple conversation I understanding what people say (at least seems like)
5/ For the first time everthing is talking to me - adds, street signs, stores, some phrases in the metro 🙂
Catarina, connected speech really works!
seasoned beginner

The Polyglot behind The Language Unschool

Olá, sou a Catarina.

I'm the person behind the Unschooling approach to learning Portuguese.

I've mastered the art of listening from an early age and that's what has allowed me to learn 10 foreign languages, and understand a couple more as a result, which is crazy!

That's also exactly what people come to me for. They've studied Portuguese for months and often even years and, after a couple of weeks following my Portuguese Program à la Unschooling, they start understanding spoken Portuguese.

It's amazing to watch... hear about their progress.

Portuguese Start is my gift for complete beginners. I don't want to see anyone waste more time with grammar, rote memorization of vocabulary, stress out about verb conjugation, feel clueless about what is going on around them, and never dare to speak a word of Portuguese.

It's time to Start, the Unschooling way!