Just one more language!

Olá, sou a Catarina, a language unschooler and a language addict.

I've been shouting inside "just one more language"!
I've spent the last couple of years relearning my own language so that I could help foreigners make Portuguese theirs.

If you heard me laugh for no apparent reason, I bet it's because I was in the middle of discovering something new about Portuguese. It's been so enriching to hear Portuguese from the eyes of Americans, Dutch, Belgian, Australians, Polish, South African, English, French, Swedish, Romanian, Japanese, German...

One is never done with learning a new language and that's one of the things I like about it. There's no end goal, no sense of completion. I'd even dare say, there is no future!!

Language is about the present, the connection with the person, text, video, voice you are facing right now, even if passively.
It's been a while since I was in the learners' shoes, so I wanted to give myself that challenge again. I've learnt 10 foreign languages: probably more than half the traditional way, which didn't work that well for the last few.

So I had to develop a more out-of-the box approach.

I've only been able to put a name to it, the unschooling approach, after experiencing what it was like in my entire life, not just in what regards language learning and acquisition. Three months living in a community in Brazil did the trick and gave me the kick in the bum I needed to leave the comfort of a life abroad.

I returned to my homeland in 2021 and here I am with a tiny house filled with babies, teens and a couple of adults in Portuguese (luckily it's an online program ;), otherwise there wouldn't be room for everyone) - my Portuguese unschoolers. While I tend for their well-being and make sure they grow fully into their Portuguese selves, I'm ready to learn a new language.

This time I need a holding hand or two, as my motivation is a bit feeble. I didn't choose the language myself. My unschoolers did! I've normally chosen a language because of the people or stories I'd heard; there was always some connection that attracted me to the culture. Now it's sort of random. Still, I know the experience, as short as it might be (who knows?) will open up a new world to me.

It's also for you because I want to be fully transparent in how a polyglot learns a new language. In almost real time? Big Brother language learning is about to begin!

Oh, I forgot to mention...

I'm only giving myself a week.

Curious to find out what language I'm learning from scratch and how?

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