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Why should you immerse yourself in real Portuguese, content created by the Portuguese, for the Portuguese?

Well, there’s a couple of reasons.

There is something I call “Cinderella Portuguese”, which is very well-enunciated Portuguese. This may be perfect for the first couple of months of your learning journey, but it is not real Portuguese. You may get so used to this perfect speech that you will feel like another completely different language is spoken in Portugal, outside the traditional classroom and the news on TV. Even the radio is somewhat dangerous because audio quality is too "perfect". In real life, you will be exposed to background noise while trying to decipher what a person is telling you.
Before you get tricked into paying too much for bananas at the market, you can actually train your ears  from the comfort of your home.

The Mini-Tuga contains primarily content which you can watch  and read  at the same time. When that is not the case, it’s because I already selected for you a voice that is clear enough to start with. And no, he is not perfect and far from looking like the “prince” of Portuguese.

The second reason is that real content will expose you to content you like  , thus helping you engage with the language in a much more meaningful way. The Mini-Tuga has choices for several tastes (a good place to start). Within the Portuguese Program à la Unschooling, my Unschoolers have access to more options with the Tuga-Book. 200 more options, actually.

Don't waste more time looking for the right content and grab your Mini-Tuga today!

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