+ Portuguese Play
Portuguese language immersive Summer Camp 2022

Let your child experience  Portuguese through play

Learning Portuguese the unschooling way means activities will be planned, but carried out according to children's interests.

The Language Unschool presents:

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 20th-24th July
 24th-28th August
  9-14 year old children


Casas das Grutas in Mira de Aire
(1:20 hours north of Lisbon)



 427€ per child
 50% down payment after registration is confirmed by email
 10% discount for second sibling; 5% discount for third sibling

What's included:
  • Shared room in bungalow
  • Breakfast, healthy snacks, lunch and dinner (mainly vegan with option of meat and eggs; wheat-free)
  • Insurance
  • Portuguese tuition during all other activities
  • Theatre/Dance
  • Walks in nature
  • Swimming pool on location
  • Circus workshop on Zoom
  • Cooking
  • Grocery shopping
  • Bushcraft
  • Visit to the caves
What's not included:
Transport to and from Mira de Aire
Special Bonus!
 Trip to Nazaré on Sunday after pick up at 11am with parents for a picnic at the beach and more Portuguese (language and culture) through games (e.g. jogo do prego; fazer carreirinhas). 

Hi, I'm Catarina

I collect languages, not shoes and I love watching children learn while playing.

When left to their own devices, while in a safe environment, it is amazing to see what children come up with and how much of the languages surrounding them they absorb. I've had the opportunity of witnessing my 6 and 4 year old girls uncover Dutch, Portuguese, Frisian and English. Despite the occasional correction (sometimes I can't help myself), no formal teaching was involved.

But what happens when they're a bit older and are mainly in an English speaking environment? In Portugal?!

Teens may struggle more with the language because they're more self-conscious and motivation might be an issue.

With a Summer Camp I want to offer these children/teens the chance to explore more of their interests while bringing out an awareness, love and actual practical experience of the Portuguese language.

Some past experience is:
  • Resident advisor in Italy for two Summers, where I worked with American teens
  • English teacher (6-9 year old children) in Portuguese public and private schools
  • Founder of the + Portuguese Program, an unschooling approach to learning European Portuguese

Interested? Submit the form below to secure your child(ren)'s spot. Deadline is 13th June 2022!