Want to get to grips with
 European Portuguese à la unschooling in 9 months?

Take the first step to feel comfortable speaking Portuguese.

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2nd April 2023 @5pm (Lisbon time)

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Here's what some unschoolers have to say about the 
+ Portuguese Program:

In this training you will learn:

#Listen | #Enjoy | #Speak | #Enjoy the ride


Before you even enter the 'house' of Portuguese.
Why is European Portuguese considered "difficult"?


Start by training your ears.
Make it sound familiar.
How can the Queen of Portuguese help you?


Why grammar is there to guide you, not rule you.
Learn shortcuts to get to grips with Portuguese grammar.


Find out if there's an unschooler in you.
Is the unschooling approach right for you?

I will also be answering these questions:

  • What can The Language Unschool do for your Portuguese?
  • Why 9 months and how using the unschooling approach?
  • For whom and how much?

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10 foreign languages.
Now back to the first.

Olá, sou a Catarina
My dad says I only started talking when I was three, which means I spent three years and a few months (in utero) practically just listening. I continued throughout life with my hyper listening skills and learnt ten more languages*.

Some I can speak better than others (one needs time for daily chores too, right?), but the amazing thing is I can understand some Russian and Macedonian, even though I never studied them. After almost 15 years living abroad, I am now back in Portugal, rediscovering my own language. I'm ready to help YOU find your voice in Portuguese. Shall we?

*before you ask... that's English, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Frisian, German, Mandarin.
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