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In this lesson you will learn about:


Why you only hear parts of words more than others


The so-called swallowing of words effect that the Portuguese are so notorious for.


There's four you have to always watch out for, since they change according to the letters they are next to.


Not only marry, but even have children!!

Be warned! You will hear things, all Portuguese goodness, of course. 

If you feel that all your hard work and sweat (meaning grammar) is locked inside your brain, unable to come out (meaning speaking and conversing) because understanding the world around you (meaning the Portuguese out there you want to chat with), then you have to watch this free lesson.
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You'll learn how not to hear things that are there... come, I'll explain it all!

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What our Unschoolers say

I’ve been doing an internship at the health center. I basically sit with the doctor in his office and listen to patients talk in Portuguese all day. After each consultation I have to explain to him mostly in English about what I understood from the consultation. In the beginning, I never understood anything but now I have a lot to say about each consultation that the doctor doesn’t have to explain the consultation to me.
[after 3 weeks on Unschooling her Portuguese]
U., Nigeria
Quite a #iupiii today. I watched the movie "Air" dubbed to European Portuguese, albeit with Portuguese subtitles, but I think I got most of it!
A., Sweden
Before joining The Language Unschool, understanding spoken Portuguese felt nearly impossible. But after listening to these stories, I am not only more confident, I realize that I am learning a lot of vocabulary and verb conjugations. I noticed that I can better understand my Portuguese neighbors and actually speak some short sentences.  

10 foreign languages.
Now back to the first.

   Olá, sou a Catarina

My dad says I only started talking when I was three, which means I spent three years and a few months (in utero) practically just listening. I continued throughout life with my hyper listening skills and learnt ten more languages*.

Some I can speak better than others (one needs time for daily chores too, right?), but the amazing thing is I can understand some Russian and Macedonian, even though I never studied them. After almost 15 years living abroad, I am now back in Portugal, rediscovering my own language. I'm ready to help YOU find your voice in Portuguese. Shall we?

*before you ask... that's English, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Frisian, German, Mandarin.
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